Photocopied Blow Out (2016 - ongoing)

Made in collaboration with Nihaal Faizal

Photocopied ‘Blow Out’ presents a Xerox photocopied version of ‘Blow Out’ the 1981 film by Brian De Palma. To achieve this each frame from a downloaded copy of the film has been printed on to separate A4 size sheets of paper and then scanned. The scanned frames are then played back along with the original sound track of the film.

Photocopied ‘Blow Out’ in presenting a remake of the film (‘Blow Out’ itself is a remake of the earlier ‘Blow Up’ by Michelangelo Antonioni) raises questions around technological mediation, the original and the copy, and examines portrayals of creative labour (a central theme in all three films).
The production of the film is ongoing and so far 9000 of the 155449 frames have been reproduced.

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